Dynamic Earth Holyrood Gait Royal Mile Edinburgh

Our Dynamic Earth Holyrood Gait Edinburgh Sign

Dynamic Earth is a science centre in Edinburgh. The centre opened in 1999. The building’s structure consists of a steel mast-supported membrane stretched over a steel skeleton. Dynamic Earth takes you on a journey through our planet’s past, present and future, with interactive exhibits and impressive technology, including a 4D and 3D experience. Beginning with the Big Bang, children and adults alike can witness the creation of the Earth, follow the planet through its evolution and even catch glimpses of the earth’s future. The best way by foot to get to Our Dynamic Earth is down Reid’s Close of the Canongate Royal Mile or by car Down Holyrood Road from the west and past Holyroodhouse Palace from the east.

 Our Dynamic Earth Royal Mile Holyrood Gait Edinburgh    Our Dynamic Earth Holyrood Gait Edinburgh

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