Dundee Attractions Scotland

Dundee origins of the name are from the gaelic “Dun” meaning Fort and “de” meaning Fire. There are many Dundee attractions, Broughty Ferry Castle, Museums, Wildlife Centre and Discovery Point and the R.R.S Discovery built in Dundee, was a wooden three-masted ship that Captain Scott  would sail on a British National Antarctic Expedition in 1901 with Ernest Shackleton. The first expedition to the antarctic and the North Pole took place in 1875 on the H.M.S Discovery. Other attractions include the Tay bridge almost 3 miles in length. The first Tay Bridge fell down and the saying  “Botched Job” was born as the bridge was built by Thomas Bouch in 1878. and collapsed in 1879. The Statue of Desperate Dan a character from the Dandy Comic.    

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