Dumfries Scotland

Dumfries Scotland has a fascinating history. It is the largest town in the region. Dumfries was founded as a Royal Burgh in 1186. Situated on the border of Scotland and England. Also Galloway was actually part of England until 1234. In 1306 Robert the Bruce killed John III Comyn, Lord of Badenoch Guardian of Scotland in Greyfriars Church Dumfries before become King of Scotland. Greyfriars Dumfries was rebuilt in circa 1870 across from where the original church stood. Finally there is a great deal of thing to see in Dumfries connected with Robert Burns, a statue, his mausoleum in St Michael’s Churchyard, his house at 24 Burns Street and Robert Burns Centre. There are 2 further museums, Dumfries Museum with Camera Obscura and Old Bridge House Museum.


Robert Burns Dumfries

There is a great deal of thing to see in Dumfries connected with Robert Burns, He first moved to Dumfries came on the visit in 1787 when Dumfries town Council made him an honorary Burgess. In May 1793 the family moved to a better quality house in Mill Street now called Burns Street where he wrote songs which included “my love is like a red, red Rose” and “man’s a man for all that” His days in Dumfries were spent as an excise man usually dressed in a decent suit of dark clothes.  He had a distinguished head with large dark brown eyes and a high forehead, his features were hard and he had a slight stoop. At nearly 5 foot 10 ins (1.8 m) in height he was well known around town. Finally the House he lived and died in. 


 Midsteeple Dumfries Scotland  Midsteeple Dumfries Scotland map 1959  

 Midsteeple Dumfries Scotland plaque Midsteeple Dumfries Scotland plaque Midsteeple Dumfries Scotland plaque 

Devorgilla Bridge

Devorgilla Bridge and River Nith

Old Bridge House Museum

 Devorgilla Bridge and River Nith Devorgilla Bridge and Museum

Dumfries Camera Obscura and Museum

 Camera Obscura and Museum Dumfries Scotland

 Russian Cannon Dumfries Scotland Sinclair Memorial Dumfries Scotland

St Michael’s Church

 St Michael's Church

Ca’ the Yowes Memorial Stone

 Robert Burns Memorial Stone Dumfries

Robert Burns’ Rock

  Robert Burns Rock  Robert Burns Rock Plaque

Jean Armours Statue

  Jean Armour his wife with his son

Robert Burns Statue

 Robert Burns Statue Dumfries

Norway House

  Norway House Dumfries Scotland  Norway House Plaque Dumfries Scotland

Greyfriars Church Site Plaque

 Robert Bruce 1306 Dumfries Scotland

Queensberry Monument

 Queensberry Monument Dumfries Scotland Queensberry Monument Plaque Dumfries Scotland

Drinking Fountain

 Drinking Fountain Dumfries Scotland

Aviation Museum

 Aviation Museum Dumfries Scotland Aviation Museum Dumfries Scotland

Burns Mausoleum 

 Aviation Museum Dumfries Scotland  Robert Burns Mausoleum and Grave Stone Dumfries Scotland

Friends of Burns Graves

 Robert Burns Friends Map  Robert Burns Friends Map plaque  Robert Burns Friends Map plaque

Burns’ House

 Robert Burns House where he died Dumfries Scotland Plaque on his house in Dumfries Scotland

Burns’ Rose Garden

 Robert Burns Rose Garden Dumfries Robert Burns Rose Garden Dumfries Plaque

 Tam O'Shanter scene Robert Burns Working a Ploughman   

Dr Henry Duncan Statue

   Henry Duncan Statue Dumfries Scotland Henry Duncan Statue Dumfries Scotland     

Dr Henry Duncan Plaque Dumfries Scotland

Dumfries Academy

 Dumfries Academy Dumfries Scotland

Maxwellton War Memorial

 Ist World War Memorial Dumfries Scotland Ist World War Memorial Dumfries Scotland Victoria Cross Recipients Ist World War Memorial Dumfries Scotland

Robert Burns Centre

 Robert Burns Centre Dumfries Scotland

New Greyfriar Kirk

 New Greyfriars Kirk Dumfries Scotland

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