Drummond Street Edinburgh

Drummond Street was outside the city wall as the wall was on the north side of the street which a large section still remains. The Gates are the original gates of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary which is now Edinburgh University Building. To the east of the building stands the Old College of Surgeons Hall built in 1697. This was where the College of Surgeons moved to after Dickson Street and before they moved to their present home in Nicolson Street. 

 Royal Infirmary Gates Drummond Street Edinburgh  Flodden Wall Drummond Street Edinburgh 

The Plaque on the Royal College of Surgeons Building reads; 1697 The Edinburgh surgeons moved from their meeting place in Dickson’s Close to this building. Here they conducted their business until they moved to the present Royal College Of Surgeons in Nicolson Street in 1832.  The other plaque is to honour Elsie Maud Inglis Graduate of the University. 

  Surgeons Hall 1697 Surgeon's Square Edinburgh Surgeon's Hall Plaque Edinburgh Elsie Maud Inglis Plaque Surgeons' Hall Edinburgh

The Robert Louis Stevenson plaque and George Davie Plaque are both at the South Bridge end of Drummond Street Edinburgh and they read;

In memory of Robert Louis Stevenson 1850 – 1894, son and student of Edinburgh. “and when I remember all that I hope and feared as I pickled about Rutherford’s in the rain and the east wind; how I feared I should never have a friend far less a wife, and yet timidly hoped I might; how Ihoped(if I did not take a drink) I should possibly write one little book. And then now-what a change. ! I feel somehow as if I should like the incident set upon a brass plate at the corner of the dreary thoroughfare, for all students to read, poor devils, when their hearts are down. from the south seas September 1888. Presented on behalf of all Stevenson lovers……………September 1995   

George Davie (1912-2007) philosopher and author of The Democratic Intellect, introduced to each other HUGH MCDIARMID (1892-1978). author of the scots poem A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle, and SORLEY MACLEAN (1911-1996), author of the Gaelic poems Ddin do Eimldr, in what was Rutherford’s in 1984.

 Robert Louis Stevenson Plaque Drummond Street   George Davie and Rutherford's Bar Plaque Drummond Street Edinburgh 

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