Dirleton East Lothian Scotland

Dirleton East Lothian the site of Dirleton Castle, was built by the de Vallibus family who came to Dirleton in the mid to late 1100s. John l de Vaux, Dirleton ( John de Vallibus) 1140 -1187 died in Dirleton therefor the Castle would have been built in this period. The De Vaux towers were built circa 1240 by his son Johannes de Vallibus 1240 -1255.

 Dirleton Castle East Lothian     Dirleton Castle East Lothian  Main Hall

Before Dirleton Village was built there is evidence of an iron age settlement and a fortification o sum sort on Craig’s Hill. On receiving the titles to the lands around the present village of Dirleton from David the 1st the Anglo Norman de Vaux family settled in the area. They also built a church at Gullane which ruins can still be seen. Dirleton Castle is one of the earliest stone castles to be built in Scotland. Sir John Nisbet acquired the Dirleton Estate in 1663 which the present Archerfield estate was part of.  Dirleton Castle was not to Nisbet’s liking and he built a mansion house which he called Archerfield House as the Royal Archers practised in the fields.  Dirleton Castle is looked after by Historic Scotland and there is a small charge for entry which helps to look after the historic buildings and monuments of Scotland for generations to come.


Dirleton East Lothian  Garden   Dirleton East Lothian Garden  Dirleton East Lothian do'cot

This is a fantastic place to visit with its gardens and Doocot and the magnificent walls still standing after almost a century. This is another castle besieged by Cromwell in 1650 – 1651 on his burning of Scotland. The Village with its large village green surrounded local houses and Dirleton Kirk. There are two village Inns with good food, drink and accommodation, with Yellowcraigs Beach the site of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island (Fidra Island) close by this is a great place to visit. 

 Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island Fidra Firth of Forth Estuary at Yellowcraigs Beach Dirleton East Lothian

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