Dalkeith Midlothian Scotland

Dalkeith Midlothian, Dalkeith Palace original owners were the Grahams Lord William de Graham, of Abercorn and Dalkeith was first of the Graham family mentioned living in Dalkeith where he died in 1139. The Castle was destroyed in 1547 by an English Army. It then became the Douglas family stronghold. It was finally sold to the Buccleuch family in circa 1640. James Douglas 4th Earl of Morton who became the Regents of Scotland in 1572 ruled Scotland on behalf of James VI infant son of Mary Queen of Scots. There has been many occupiers of what was Dalkeith Castle until in 1702 the new Palace was built on the site of the Castle. In 1650, Oliver Cromwell’s Commander, General Monk, Cromwell’s Governor in Scotland made Dalkeith Palace his headquarters. The Earl of Morton was executed 1581 in Edinburgh on the Maiden a guillotine which stood at the foot of the Canongate which was said he had brought up from England. The Duke of Buccleuch is still the owner of the estate. 

Dalkeith Palace Midlothian

Dalkeith Palace Dalkeith Midlothian

The estate is now an adventure park with a picnic area and many things for children to do including an Archery area. The Stables have been converted into shops, cafe and restaurant with ample parking. A great place to spend the day. 

 Dalkeith Palace Orangery Dalkeith Midlothian  Dalkeith Palace Stables  Dalkeith Palace Stables Dalkeith Midlothian  

Dalkeith Adventure Park Fort Douglas

Dalkeith Country Park Via The King’s Gate Dalkeith Edinburgh Scotland 0131 654 1666 Fishing, Archery, Bush craft, Cycling, Bike hire, Walking, 
Arts and Crafts,Café, Infants play park and Fort Douglas, Picnic Area.

Dalkeith Midlothian Adventure Park Fort Douglas

Dalkeith Adventure Park Play Area Dalkeith Adventure Park Play Area Dalkeith Adventure Park Play Area Dalkeith Country Park Archery Area

Dalkeith Adventure Park Play Area Dalkeith Adventure Park Play Area Dalkeith Adventure Park Play Area

Dalkeith Water Tower (House)

The brick water tower was built in 1879 for the Dalkeith town council to provide water for the residents of the town. The building was sold in 1986 and converted into a house.

Dalkeith Water Tower

Dalkeith Tolbooth  and Hanging Stone

The Last man Hanged in Dalkeith was a William Thomson on the 1st March 1827 for highway robbery. the stone circle in-front of the Tolbooth marks the spot where the gibbet stood. The Tolbooth was the town’s court house prison and weigh room for the excise men to collect  to collect taxes.

 Dalkeith Tolbooth  Last Hanging in Dalkeith

Dalkeith Tolbooth entrance with marriage stone above door initials below the crowns E (2nd Earl) and C (Countess) F.B (Francis Buccleuch) M. B (Margaret Buccleuch) and date 1648 was normally the year they married or set up house. 

 Dalkeith Tolbooth and plaque above door  Tolbooth Plaque Dalkeith

Robert Burns Memorial Drinking Fountain

The Burns monument | a cast iron drinking | fountain, was restored and | relocated to Dalkeith High | Street by Midlothian Council | assisted by Dalkeith Business | Renewal and Dalkeith | History Society. The fountain | was originally erected in the | High Street in 1899 to | commemorate the centenary | of the death of Robert Burns | The restored fountain was | unveiled on the | 25th January 2017. The building next to the fountain was the Cross Keys Hotel opened in 1804.

  Robert Burns Drinking Fountain   Robert Burns Drinking Fountain Plaque Tolbooth Plaque Dalkeith

Dalkeith Lawn Tennis Club established 1888

Dalkeith Lawn Tennis Club

Dalkeith Midlothian Parish Church (The Collegiate Church of St Nicholas Buccleuch)

St Nicholas Buccleuch Collegiate Church, was founded by Sir James Douglas in 1406 The Church building was completed in 1420. A previous chapel stood on the same site as early as the mid 13th century. In the Choir there are effigies of Sir James Douglas, 1st Earl of Morton, and his wife Princess Joanna, daughter of King James I, who are are buried here 1493.

 The Collegiate Church of St Nicholas Buccleuch   Gargoyle on The Collegiate Church of St Nicholas Buccleuch

Dalkeith Midlothian Corn Exchange and Museum

Dalkeith Midlothian Corn Exchange was the largest grain market in Scotland. The Corn Exchange opened in 1854. It was the social hb of Dalkeith and became a ballroom in 1946 and closed in 1961. Famous MPs William Gladstone and Winston Churchill have made speeches here. 

 corn exchange Dalkeith Corn Exchange Dalkeith

The inscription on the plaque reads: The Earth is the Lord’s and The fulness thereof. Thou crownest the year with Thy goodness.

   Coat of Arms 


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