Crichton Midlothian Scotland

Crichton Castle near to Pathhead on a hill overlooking the River Tyne.  The Crichton (Kreitton) family were in positions of power throughout history on the side of the monarchy whichever suited. Three Castles built by the Crichton family seat were at Crichton Castle, Sanquhar Castle and Blackness Castle and now they reside near Crieff in Castle Monzie.  Crichton Castle or Tower built circa 1220 AD is the birthplace of Thomas Alexander de Crichton circa 1235. John de Crichton built this fortress circa 1400 and has had many famous guests which included Kings and Queens. The 3rd Earl of Bothwell’ s daughter Lady Jean Hepburn was born in Crichton Castle her brother Lord Bothwell, married Mary Queen of Scots (her 3rd husband). 

 Crichton Castle   

Crichton Collegiate Church 1449

Crichton Collegiate Church was completed in 1449 by William de Crichton the head of the Crichton family one of the most powerful families in Scotland at that time. Lady Jean Hepburn was married in Crichton Castle in 1562 to John Stewart the illegitimate son of King James V of Scotland and Mary Queen of Scots attended.

Crichton Collegiate Church


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