Craig’s Close High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh

The access to Craig’s Close from the High Street was closed when the Council offices were built in 1932. There were two parts to Craig’s Close, High Street – Cockburn Street (closed) and Cockburn Street – Market Street which is still open. Craig’s Close was the site of The Isle of Man Arms. The Edinburgh Cape Club’s main meeting place. The Close was named after John Craig, wright and burgess of Edinburgh who was the 3rd husband of Ann Hamilton who owned the lands . A town Councillor.  You can see the Scotsman sign on the building near to where the close ran from the High Street to Market Street prior to the building of Cockburn Street. This is where the first Scotsman Newspaper was published and printed circa 1865.

Craig's Close High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh


Craig's Close High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh and Cockbur Street to Market street    The Scotsman Building Cockburn Street Edinburgh First Scotsman Newspaper Offices

At the foot of Craig’s Close that at one time started in the High Street Royal Mile and ended the Nor Loch, then was split by the building of Cockburn Street there used to stand a tavern where the Cape Club met. The Plaque at the foot of the upper section of Craig’s Close reads; Craig’s Close | site of Cape Club | spiritual home of | Robert Fergusson | Distinguished Edinburgh Poet  | Died October 16 1774Craig's Close Cape Club Plaque Edinburgh

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