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was born in Craigentinny, an area between Edinburgh and Portobello in 1789. He became a  Member of Parliament at the age of 40 for Newcastle-under-Lyme. William Miller was a book collector and opened a library in Britwell Court, near Burnham, Buckinghamshire. The library was said to be one of the most important private collections in Britain. The library and collection, on his death was passed down through the family until 1919, at that time there were no family members left and the collection was broken up and sold. On his death he made a provision in his will to have a mausoleum built on the family estate in Craigentinny Edinburgh. The mausoleum is the the most impressive I have seen and stands over 50 feet (30 meters) in height and goes under ground 40 feet as he had a fear that grave robbers would steal his body. The Mausoleum is decorated with two bas-reliefs based on a Roman Mausoleum. The William Henry Miller Mausoleum was completed in 1856 and stood in a meadow with no other buildings nearby. It stood just near to the Portobello Road on the way to Edinburgh. He left instruction for the bas-reliefs to depict the Overthrow of Pharaoh in the Red Sea and The Song of Moses and Miriam. These were completed and attached to the mausoleum in 1868 and became known as the Craigentinny Marbles. Also within the mausoleum are his parents William Miller and Martha Rawson or Miller, Sarah Marsh and Ellen Marsh all of Craigentinny and Britwell Buckinghamshire

craigentinny marbles William Miller Mausoleum

 The inscription reads;

The Monument was erected to the Memory of |William Henry Miller | and his parents | William Miller and Martha Rawson or Miller | Here are interred | Martha Miller | Died 11th January 1827 | William Henry Miller | M.P for Newcastle-Under-Lyme | Born 13th February 1789 Died 31st October 1848 | Sarah Marsh | Born 20th April 1832 Died August 6th August 1880 | Ellen Marsh | Born 29th August 1801 Died 4th November 1861 | All of Craigentinny and Britwell | Buckinghamshire | The Site Was Consecrated on 13th September 1860 | The Sculptures were added in 1868.

craigentinny marbles William Miller Mausoleum

The Craigentinny Marbles

                                        The Overthrow of the Pharaoh in the Red Sea                                           


The song of Moses and Miriam

craigentinny marbles 'THE SONG OF MOSES AND MIRIAM'


Sigmund Neuberger, was born on 25 February 1871 in Munich, Germany and died on 9 May 1911 and is buried in Edinburgh’s Piershill Graveyard. He was a famous illusionist and was the highest paid magician of his time. He became one of the highest-paid performers in Vaudeville.  The Great Lafayette’s affection was his dog Beauty a terrier given to him as a pup by fellow conjurer and admirer Harry Houdini. His dog is also buried in the graveyard. The Great Lafayette died in a fire that started in the theatre in Edinburgh Empire he was performing his illusions. The fire started when a gas lamp was knocked over and set fire to the scenery on 9 May 1911 ten died in the fire. The Empire Theatre has now been renovated and is called the Edinburgh Festival Theatre.

lafayette The Great


The Graveyard opened in 1887 with a large Jewish burial section, including a memorial dedicated “to the memory of the Jewish soldiers of Edinburgh who gave their lives in the 1st World War. The cemetery was also the first in Scotland to permit an officially designated animal burial section. This is where the Great Lafayette ‘s tomd stone can be seen at the front gates.


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