Cousland Midlothian Scotland

Cousland Smiddy and Cottage

Cousland has had a Blacksmiths on this site since circa 1700 with the original building still in use. The Blacksmith has a shop which sells goods made in the Smiddy if you have a special thing you require contact the present Blacksmith and he maybe able to forge a designer piece for you.  or 07392791202.

Cousland Smithy

Cousland Castle

Cousland Castle was built circa 1180 and was owned by the St. Clair family in 1215. It was destroyed by the English army in 1547 prior to the Battle of Pinkie Cleuch at Wallyford. Mary Queen of Scots was taken from Carberry Hill to be humiliated in front of the confederate army at Cousland Castle where she surrendered and was taken and kept imprisoned by her cousin Elizabeth I till her executon.

Cousland Castle


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