Coldstream Scottish Borders

Coldstream Bridge 

Scotland on the North side Northumberland England on the south side and the bridge spans the river Tweed an ancient marker for the border between Scotland and England.

Coldstream Scottish English Border  

Marriage House 

The Marriage House between the border of Scotland and England was a favourite place for couples from England to get married prior to Gretna Green and prior to here the White Horse Inn in the Canongate was the place of the runaway couples to marry. The Last marriages took place in Coldstream in 1856. The House is actually between the signs of Scotland and England making it in the middle of nowhere. 


Coldstream Guards

Twizzel Bridge 1511

Alec Douglas Home  

Prime Minister 1964-65 buried here 

Flodden Field 

Coldstream to Flodden Field 1 hour 30 min walk | car 15 mins 4.5 miles. The Battle of Flodden where the last monarch died in battle. 09 / 09 /1513.

Edward I

Invasion of Scotland 1296

The Hirsel