Castlehill Royal Mile Southside

Old Close’s of Castlehill Royal Mile Southside of the street

The close’s on the southside of Castlehill Royal Mile Southside were form the top Blair’s close, Brown’s close, Webster’s close, Boswell’s close, Gordon’s close, Currie’s close, Elliot’s close, Lord Colston’s close, Donaldson’s close, Lindsay’s close, Clark’s close, Stripping’s close, and Potter’s close, all the close’s after Boswell’s are no longer there as they were demolished when the new Church was built (now The Hub). The only close’s that remain are Castle Wynd North, Cannonball Close which would have been Blair’s Close and Boswell’s Court. The information on the close’s have been taken fro a map of Edinburgh published in 1804.

Originally called Castehill Street with the Edinburgh Castle at the top and Mary of Guises Palace at the foot there was always the feeling of security in the Castlehill for the people who lived there. The Southside of Castlehill is on the left of the picture. Castlehill is the first part of the Royal Mile with the Lawnmarket the second section. There are a number of things to see on Castlehill Royal Mile Southside, The Scottish Whisky Experience is house in the old Castlehill Primary School. This is where you can see how whisky was made and taste some whisky as there is a very large selection to choose from. Boswell’s Court is where the Witchery Restaurant is located. The foot is where the Highland Kirk was but now is occupied by the International Festival Hub an information centre and coffee shop for the Edinburgh International Festival. The first house after Castle Wynd North is the Cannonball House now a restaurant. The stories of the closes are on there respective pages. Out of 20 closes which would have housed over 100 families only

Castlehill Royal Mile Southside Edinburgh

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