Castlehill Royal Mile Northside

The Castlehill Royal Mile Northside has a number of things to see. The northside was at the edge of a steep hill which went down to the Nor Loch which was were Princes Street Gardens and Princes Street are now.  The first thing to see on the northside after Edinburgh Castle is the Witches Well, where the witches were burnt, Tartan Weaving Mill Experience, this was the city resivior and is now the ultimate in Scottish goods from tartan to armour , whisky and kilts. Ramsay Garden this was Allan Ramsay the poets home,the first house in the lane was where the first ragged school opened in 1841. The Camera Obscura and World of Illusion is where you can see Edinburgh and beyond this is a place to visit.  In the summer months Castlehill is very busy as this is the only way in and out of Edinburgh Castle which is the most visited place in the City of Edinburgh. Mary of Guise Palace is now where the general assembly of the church of Scotland meet once a year at the end of May. Now to look at the southside attractions in more detail.

Palace of Mary of Guise Castlehill Royal Mile northside Edinburgh

The Close’s that were on Castlehill northside from the top were; Pipe’s close, Skinner’s close, Sempel’s close, Jollie’s close, Tod’s close, Nairn’s close and Blyth’s close of these only Skinner’s Close, Sempel’s Close, and Jollie’s Close remain. Take a look at the close’s in more detail and what can be seen links to each close below. 


Ramsay Lane Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh

Ramsay Garden Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh

Skinner’s Close Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh

Semple’s Close Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh

Jollie’s Close Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh


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