Castle Wynd North Royal Mile Castlehill Edinburgh

Castle Wynd North Royal Mile Castlehill Edinburgh is a set of steps with housing on the east side that begins at Castlehill next to the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade and ends in Johnston Terrace Edinburgh. The House at the top of Castle Wynd North is Cannonball House which has survived through 3 sieges of Edinburgh Castle in 1650 by Cromwell, in 1689 by William of Orange and by the rebel Jacobite Army in 1745, when General Preston shot Cannon from the Half moon battery at the rebels a cannonball lodge in the wall and remains there to this day. At the foot of the steps directly across the road (Johnston Terrace) is Castle Wynd South steps which ends at the Grassmarket a pedestrian precinct with bars, restaurants and shops. 


  Castle Wynd North to Edinburgh Castle  Royal Mile Castlehill Cannonball on house North Castle Wynd Steps    Castle Wynd North Steps Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh

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