Cammo Estate Edinburgh

Cammo House, Gardens, And Nature Reserve, Historic Buildings.

Cammo Estate Edinburgh, Cammo House was built in the early part of the 1690s by a John Menzies a wealthy businessman and was later sold to Sir John Clerk in 1710. Sir John Clerk with an interest in landscaping set out the gardens of Cammo house over the next several years. Cammo house is now a ruin and the lands are now open to the public. Things to look for on the Cammo estate are, the ruin of Cammo House, the said to be oldest and largest Ash tree in Edinburgh, the East Lodge, Cammo Tower,The Cammo Stane (Standing Stone) and if very lucky the Ghosts of Cammo House. The East Lodge was built circa 1880 this is the visitors’ centre with information on the Cammo estate Edinburgh. The Nature Reserve has paths to take you around Cammo estate. 

 Cammo House Ruins Edinburgh  Cammo House Ruins Edinburgh   Cammo Stables Edinburgh

Cammo Estate Water Tower  

Cammo Water Tower was built in the 1870’s and supplied Cammo house with water. The water was run by a pump by a windmill that was on top of the tower which is no longer there. There are paths to make it an easy walk for great views. 

CAMMO WATER TOWER   Cammo Estate Edinburgh

Cammo Estate Edinburgh Cammo Standing Stone

The Cammo Stone can be found near to the old Cammo house drive which is a grass area. The Stone is on the left in trees as you are approaching the old house ruin. The stone has an old iron ring which may have been to tether a horse.  You will also see a very large old trees planted circa 1800.


 Cammo Old Tree Cammo Estate Edinburgh   Cammo Standing Stone Cammo Estate Edinburgh   

Cammo Estate Edinburgh Wildlife Reserve

You will also find an old canal and many paths to help you round the Cammo estate Edinburgh and interesting wildlife.

    Cammo Estate Canal Cammo Estate Edinburgh        Cammo Estate Wildlife Reserve Cammo Estate Edinburgh


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