Buccleuch Street Edinburgh

When the New Road was built by Lady Nicolson the continuation was called the road to London and Carlyle now known as Buccleuch Street. In Buccluech Street stands a building that houses the Royal Company of Archers. 


The Royal Company of Archers has had its base in Edinburgh at Archers’ Hall Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh since 1777 when it was built. The Royal Company of Archers is a ceremonial unit that serves as the Sovereign’s Bodyguard in Scotland, a role it has performed since 1822. The Archer’s would have tournaments in the Meadows where they would regularly practice. In 1424 by the act of the Scottish Parliament the game of football was prohibited for the more necessary science of archery. 

To be a member of The Royal Company of Archers is by invitation only and the present members comprise senior military officers, politicians and members of the nobility; all with close Scottish connections

Inscription above doorway reads; ARCU (BOW)  ATQUE (AND)  ANIMO (SPIRIT)  1776 – 1900

 Royal Company of Archers Buccleuch Street Edinburgh  Royal Company of Archers Buccleuch Street Edinburgh

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