Bristo Square Edinburgh

McEwan Hall The University of Edinburgh Graduation Hall

William McEwan (16 July 1827 – 12 May 1913) was a Scottish politician and brewer. He founded the Fountain Brewery in 1856 which became Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Ltd. William McEwan presented The McEwan Hall to the University of Edinburgh in 1897. The building is based on an ancient Greek theatre. The McEwan Hall is the Graduating Hall of the University of Edinburgh and can be found in the Central Area South Campus in Bristo Square. William McEwan MP was a benefactor of the Medical School and Graduation Hall of Edinburgh University. 

 McEwan Hall Edinburgh University Graduation Hall  William McEwan Plaque on Mcewan Hall in Bristo Square Edinburgh  McEwan Hall In Bristo Square Edinburgh

McEwan Hall Main Door Lintel

Above the main entrance of the McEwan Hall can be seen a semi-circle with a scene with nine figures, showing a graduation. The figures are all dressed in academic robes and the central figure is of the rector on a raised platform placing a book on a graduate’s head signify the students graduation.

McEwan Hall Teviot Place (Bristo Square) Edinburgh Door Lintel

Bristo Square and Teviot Row Edinburgh University Union

In 1884 the Students’ Representative Council of Edinburgh University was formed. The Student Union Building was opened on the 19 October 1889.  The Edinburgh University Students’ Association was founded in 1973 which is when all male and female students were automatically members of the union on joining Edinburgh University as a student. for more detail see link Edinburgh University Union History.

      Edinburgh University Union Plaque above Teviot Row House Edinburgh

Reid Concert Hall Edinburgh

The Reid Concert Hall  General John Reid was born John Robertson and was educated at the University of Edinburgh. He change his name to his mother’s maiden name of Reid. On his death he left a sum of money to the university for a Chair of Music to be established and other purposes. The Chair of music was established in 1839. The Reid Concert Hall was founded in February of 1858 and is part of the Reid School of Music. The Concert Hall is named after General John Reid in his honour.

 Reid Concert Hall Edinburgh  General John G Reid Hanoverian General in the 1745 rebellion

Archbishop of Canterbury Archibald Campbell Tait

Archibald Campbell Tait Archbishop of Canterbury from 1868 – 1882 was born in Edinburgh and this memorial is on the site of the house where he was born in December 1811. A student at Oxford University he later became a tutor at Balliol College in 1835. In 1842 he became headmaster of Rugby School. He became the Archbishop in 1868. The memorial can be found at the south end of the Mcewan Hall.

 Archibald Campbell Tait Archbishop of Canterbury born Edinburgh    Archibald Campbell Tait Archbishop of Canterbury born Edinburgh inscription under bust

Mary Crudelius Bristo Square Edinburgh

Mary Crudelius was a campaigner for women’s education and a supporter of women’s suffrage movement. She was born in 1839 to Scottish parents and was educated in Edinburgh She with another set up the Edinburgh Ladies’ Educational Association to help give equal educational opportunities for women. She died before her goal was achieved, for access to universities for women undergraduates which was achieved in 1892. Edith Mary Burnet was born in in 1888 and became Britain’s first qualified woman architect Mary Crudelius was her grandmother.

Mary Crudelius plaque women of Achievement Bristo Square Edinburgh

The McEwan Lantern Pillar

The Pillar was unveiled in 1897 at the time the McEwan Hall was opened. The Hall and Lantern were achieved by donation from William McEwan. 


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