Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh was first sited at Holyrood Park beside Holyrood Abbey in 1670. It moved to near Leith Wynd in 1675 which stretch from where Cranston Street off the Royal Mile is now to Calton Road. The Physic Garden which was removed due to Waverley Station being built 1763 spent a period of time in Leith Walk 1763 -1820 where it remained before finally moving to its present location at Inverleith in 1820. The Gardens were the imagination of two doctors Andrew Balfour who look after the Royal Gardens at Holyrood House Edinburgh 1695 and Robert Sibbald a physician who collected plant specimens from all over Europe when on their travels, which were look after in the Physic Garden. The two Gardens coming together in 1820 at Inverleith. In the early 1900s a plant hunter George Forrest introduced over 10,000 specimens and the gardens continue to grow to this day. The Cottage in Leith can now be seen in the Royal Botanic Gardens grounds, as it has been rebuilt as it was in Leith. There is also a night light show annually within the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.

The Plaque in Waverley Station Platform 11 Market Street

Edinburgh Physic Garden Plaque Platform 11 Waverley Station

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh West Gate

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh West Gate Main Entrance

The Botanic Gardens have displays of plants from around the world in over 28 hectares of beautifully landscaped grounds. Britain’s tallest Palm House, 100-Year-old hedge over 8 metres high, rock gardens, woodland gardens and arboretum, Pringle Chinese Collection, Azalea Lawn, Alpines and the Winter garden. A variety of animals and there is also a café and restaurant.

The Glass House Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

  Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Glass House  Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Glass House

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh The Rock Garden & Old Hedge (over 100 years old) 

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Rock Garden   Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Old Hedge

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh for Everyone

 Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh wildlife  Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Glass House  Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh wildlife

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