Bo’ness (Borrowstounness)

Antonine Wall

Bo’ness can be found on the banks of the Firth of Forth near to Linlithgow. Bo’ness is were the Antonine wall begins or ends with the other end in Old Kilpatrick on the west coast. Built as a boundary wall by the Romans circa 140 AD. The last remaining ruins of a Fort that was part of the Antonine wall can be seen in the grounds of Kinneil House Bo’ness. When looking at the route of the wall it was built at the shortest point between the east and west coasts.

Kinneil House

Kinneil House is on a large 200 acre estate on the estate is a cottage once used by James Watt in his experiments on steam engines. You can find remains of the Antonine Wall and fort from circa 140AD and the Kinneil Museum with many interesting artefacts. Kinneil House was built circa 1670 as you see it know and was the home of the Dukes of Hamilton. The first Keep was built circa 1330 when Walter Hamilton was granted the Kinneil Estate by Robert I (Robert the Bruce). The house was saved from demolition in 1936 and restored, take a tour and see the wall paintings and finery.

Kinneil Museum 

The museum has two floors one tells the story of Bo’ness and the other Kinneil House and the Dukes of Hamilton and the Royals that visited.