Blackness West Lothian Scotland

A small village on the Banks of the river Forth famous for its Castle which protected the river  from invading ships.

Blackness Castle

Blackness Castle was built in 1445 for the Crichton family one of Scotland’s most powerful families. Blackness Castle was taken from the Crichton’s in 1453 by the then king James II. This was a Castle that only Cromwell over came in 1650 during the rampage Cromwell led through Scotland burning everything he could. Blackness Castle was converted into a prison circa 1540 and was used to imprison the enemies of James V and held many famous prisoners of the crown Cardinal Beaton being the most famous. Covenanters and later war prisoners from the wars with France, Spain and America it ceased to be a prison circa 1850. The original entrance to the castle was blocked of circa 1550 and moved to face the sea making it harder to breach.