Beaches Rivers Waterways

Beaches Rivers Waterways Edinburgh has many rivers Canals lochs and ponds with the River Forth from Cramond to Eastfield with yellow sand beaches Canal boat trips and parks. There are many things available to do on and in the water. 

 Beaches Rivers Waterways union canal and barges  Beaches Rivers Waterways Figgate Pond Portobello  Beaches Rivers Waterways Firth of Forth

                                                                                       Edinburgh Beaches

Beaches Cramond Beach                                     Cramond Glebe Road Cramond Village EH4 6QU CIty of Edinburgh
Beaches Portobello Beach  James Street Edinburgh EH15 2DX CIty of Edinburgh
Beaches Portobello Beach West Kings Road Edinburgh EH15 1DU CIty of Edinburgh
Beaches Silverknowes Beach  Marine Drive Edinburgh EH12 7EG CIty of Edinburgh
Beaches South Queensferry Beach Gote Lane South Queensferry EH30 9PP CIty of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Ponds

Ponds Happy Valley Pond Colinton Road Edinburgh EH14 1DD Midlothian
Ponds Inverleith Pond East Fettes Avenue Edinburgh EH3 5NZ Midlothian
Ponds Blackford Pond Charterhall Road Edinburgh EH9 3HR Midlothian

Edinburgh Lochs 

Lochs Dunsapie Loch Arthur Seat Edinburgh EH8 City of Edinburgh
Lochs Duddingston Loch Arthur Seat Edinburgh EH15 3PY City of Edinburgh
Lochs St Margaret’s Loch Arthur Seat Edinburgh EH8 7AT City of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Canals

Canals and Rivers Braid Burn Braid Road Edinburgh EH10 6AS Midlothian
Canals and Rivers Caledonian Canal Fountainbridge Quay Edinburgh EH3 9RU Midlothian
Canals and Rivers Figgate Burn Rosefield Place Edinburgh EH15 1AY Midlothian
Canals and Rivers River Forth Shore  Edinburgh EH6 6QN Midlothian
Canals and Rivers Water of Leith Slateford Road Edinburgh EH14 1TQ Midlothian

Beaches Rivers Waterways

Beaches Lothian and Borders

Beaches Whitesands Bay Beach A1087 Broxburn Dunbar EH42 1QP East Lothian
Beaches White sands Bay                                     Barns Ness Dunbar EH42 1QP East Lothian
Beaches East Dunbar Beach East Lnks Brae Dunbar EH42 1GT East Lothian
Beaches Belhaven Bay Shore Road Dunbar EH42 1TY East Lothian
Beaches Thorntonloch Beach Thorntonloch Caravan Park Dunbar EH42 1QS East Lothian
Beaches Ravensheugh Sands Limetree Walk  East Linton EH42 1XW East Lothian
Beaches Tyninghame Beach Limetree Walk  East Linton EH42 1XW East Lothian
Beaches Gullane Bents Marine Terrace Gullane EH31 2AY East Lothian
Beaches Gosford Sands Links Road Longniddry EH32 0PX East Lothian
Beaches Longniddry Bents Longniddry Links Road Longniddry EH32 0 East Lothian
Beaches Fisherrow Sands  East Beach Lane Musselburgh EH21 6LD East Lothian
Beaches Fisherrow Sands  West The Quay Musselburgh EH21 6EA East Lothian
Beaches West Bay Beach    Beach Road North Berwick EH39 4JQ East Lothian
Beaches East Beach   Marine Parade North Berwick EH39 4AB East Lothian
Beaches Seacliff Beach Seacliffe Road North Berwick EH39 5PP East Lothian
Beaches North Berwick Milsey Beach Tantallon Terrace North Berwick EH39 4LE East Lothian
Beaches Yellow Craig Ware Road North Berwick EH39 5DS East Lothian
Beaches Seton Sands Beach Links Road Port Seton EH32 0PW East Lothian
Beaches Peffer Sands Beach Gauger’s Bush Whitekirk EH42 1XP East Lothian
Beaches Fishermans Haven Beach               Northumberland Avenue Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1AF Scottish Borders
Beaches Berwick-upon-Tweed Beach          Pier Road Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1JB Scottish Borders
Beaches Spittal – Quay Beach                              Sandstell Road Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1RE Scottish Borders
Beaches Spittal Beach                                           Sea Road Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1SE Scottish Borders
Beaches Cheswick Sands East House Cheswick TD15 2SY Scottish Borders
Beaches Dunglass Beach                                 Dunglass Cockburnspath TD13 5XE   Scottish Borders
Beaches Pease Bay Beach                                Peas Bay Cockburnspath TD13 5YP Scottish Borders
Beaches Coldingham Bay Beach                      Fisher’s Brae Coldingham TD14 5PA Scottish Borders
Beaches Cove Beach Southern Upland Way Cove Village TD13 5YB Scottish Borders
Beaches Eyemouth Beach                             High Street Eyemouth TD14 5EU Scottish Borders
Beaches Cocklawburn Beach                               Ancroft Goswick TD15 2RW Scottish Borders
Beaches St.Abbs Beach                                     Seaview Terrace St Abbs TD14 5PW Scottish Borders

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