Bank Street Edinburgh

Bank Street named after where the Bank of Scotland built their headquarters when the new town was being built. On the top of the hill called the Mound Bank Street is a street of the Royal Mile at the Lawnmarket and opposite George IV Bridge. It is under 100 metres long and has a few shops and is the place the worlds’ first tuberculosis dispensary was opened. It also has the Bank Museum where you can see the history of money. 

Bank Street Royal Mile Edinburgh


Professor Robert Philip opened the worlds’ first tuberculosis dispensary in Bank Street Edinburgh in 1887. Sir (Dr) (Professor) Robert Philip pioneered the management, prevention, detection and treatment of tuberculosis (TB). On the wall in Bank Street a blue Plaque reads “Near this place in 1887, Dr Robert Philip founded a tuberculosis dispensary, the first clinic in the world dedicated to fighting a disease of which he foretold Man’s eventual mastery. That vision has brought hope to many lands.” Tuberculosis (TB) was the biggest killer in the UK by the middle of the 19th century and due to Sir Robert Philip it has been almost eradicated. Sir Robert Philip died at home in 9 Palmerston Road, in the Grange area of Edinburgh, on the 25th January 1939.

  Sir Robert Philip plaque Bank Street Royal Mile Edinburgh    The World's first T.B. Clinic Bank Street Royal Mile Edinburgh



The Bank of Scotland Museum opened in 2006 telling the story of money. Art & design, technology, crime, trade and security all feature in the story of money. Come in and see for yourself what 1 million pounds looks like. The Bank of Scotland is the second longest surviving bank in the United Kingdom and was established just 1 year after the Bank of England in 1695 by a Scotsman, William Paterson. The Bank of Scotland was founded by John Holland an Englishman.

 Bank of Scotland Museum Bank Street Edinburgh previous HQ        Entrance to Bank of Scotland Museum North Bank Street Edinburgh

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