Atholl Crescent Edinburgh

Louisa Stevenson with Christian Guthrie Wright founded the Edinburgh School of Cookery in 1875 in Atholl Crescent Edinburgh. This school developed into The Queen Margaret University. The plaque reads; The Edinburgh College of domestic science founded in 1875 as the Edinburgh school of cookery and domestic economy. Moved to No.3 Atholl crescent in 1891. By 1970, when the college moved to Clermiston it occupied Nos. 1-8. No. 12  Nos 15-17 and was known around the world as “Atholl Crescent”. 

 Atholl Crescent Cookery College   5 Atholl Crescent the Edinburgh Cookery College

Louisa Stevenson

The other plaque reads; Louisa Stevenson 1835-1908 Christian Guthrie Wright 1844-1907 Campaigners for women’s education and founders of Queen Margaret University. Louisa Stevenson in 1859 moved with her family to Randolph Crescent where Louisa, Flora, Elisa Stevenson three sisters and Jane Stevenson also avid Suffragettes spent the rest of their lives. The plaque below left is at 5 Atholl Crescent and the the plaque on the right is at Randolph Crescent. 

Christian Guthrie Wright

Christian Guthrie Wright was born 1844 in Glasgow as Louisa. Christian moved to Edinburgh circa 1862 with her father.  She became a founder member of the Ladies’ Edinburgh Debating Society where she met Louisa Stevenson. She was also honorary treasurer of the Edinburgh Association for the University Education of Women. She died at her home in 2 Lansdowne Crescent, Edinburgh, on 24 February 1907. Louisa and Christian were able successful open cookery schools in Glasgow, Dundee, Newcastle, Manchester and London.

Louisa Stevenson 5 Atholl Crescent  Stevenson Sisters Home Randolph Crescent Edinburgh


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