Archerfield East Lothian Scotland

King Edward I, and his troups were encamped at Archerfield during the English advance on Scotland in 1298. Archerfield is an area between Gullane and North Berwick on the east coast of Scotland on the A198 road. There are signs of a settlement in the area circa 1080 on the estate during excavation when building the golf course and club house. Sir John Nisbet acquired the Dirleton Estate in 1663 which the present Archerfield estate was part of. As Dirleton Castle was not to Nisbets liking, he built a mansion house which he called Archerfield House as the Royal Archers practised in the fields close by.  He built the present house circa 1690 to replace what was his previous home Dirleton Castle.

 Archerfield House   Archerfield House Door

Royal Archers

Archerfield Archers Practice Area

Archerfield Fairy Wood and Willow Walk

The Fairy wood with a walkway and many fairy Houses (find the fairies and see their houses) and willow walk (with a wishing tree which you can tie a ribbon on) both are popular with all young children.There is also a bothy, bistro and shop with a children’s secure play park. 

   Little peoples door to fairy wood Archerfield Walled Garden Fairy in Archerfield Fairy wood Fairy House Archerfield Fairy Wood Sign to Fairy Trail Archerfield

   Wishing Tree Willow Walk Archerfield    Willow Cathedral Willow Walk Archerfield  Willow tree swing Willow Walk Archerfield

The Golf Courses at Archerfield House, the Dirleton Links a true links course and Fidra a course with both parkland and links, are both exceptional also a place to land your helicopter and have breakfast, lunch and dinner, next door the Renascence Club has everyone in Golf circles talking of a high standard challenging golf course for professional and amateur golfers. 

Archerfield Walled Garden

The Walled Garden is a great place to spend a day with a Bistro restaurant and tables indoor and outdoor. The Fairy Wood is close by and there are many fairy’s houses that can be spotted, buy fairy dust in the shop and sprinkle it in the wood to attract the fairies. The nature trail (Willow Walk) has many things to see with a maze from willow trees and the wishing tree all that is needed is a dry day and there is everything for the family.  

Archerfield Walled Garden and Bistro


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