Aberdour is in the Kingdom of Fife on the shores of the Firth of Forth with views of Edinburgh. This historic village has over 1500 residents. The village of Aberdour was two hamlets that grew at either side of the Dour Burn where it had its estuary with the river Forth and eventually over time became one town.


Aberdour Castle was originally built circa 1150 as a Tower house. In site of the Dour Burn in the one of the oldest stone built castles in Scotland. The Castle is just a ruin but well worth a visit. The Earl of Morton became the owner circa 1450 and the family resided here for over 300 years.


The Aberdour obelisk stands 40 feet high on the top of Cuttle Hill and was completed in 1745 as a marker to enable the 13th Earl of Morton to see this previous residence from his new estate house at Dalmahoy near Edinburgh.